Contest Rules & Requirements


  • Visitors are able to submit their cause/charity/organization by filling out the
    registration form
  • Visitors are encouraged to submit worthy causes they’re not immediately associated with
  • One submission per person please, repeated entries will disqualify cause
  • Multiple submissions of the same cause per different persons is allowed
  • Applicants will submit name, cause name, email address, logo/image (with a 1MB limit), and description of the organization and why they’re deserving of the $5,000
  • Applications are continuously accepted throughout the duration of the contest
  • To be eligible for the upcoming prize, applicants must submit their applications by the 23rd day of the third month in the quarter



  • Three finalists will be chosen in the last week of the third month in the quarter at the discretion of Alaskan Air Conditioning Employees
  • Those three finalists will be listed at the first of the following quarter
  • Their logo/image and a brief description of their cause will be featured on the Alaskan Cares site
  • Each finalist can increase their chances of winning by encouraging their fans to “Like” or “Vote” for their cause
  • You must be logged into Facebook to vote and only one “Like” or “Vote” will be counted per person (think of it as liking an image on Facebook)
  • Voting will be open for three months, starting from the 1st day of the month until the 23rd day of the third month
  • A winner from the three finalists will be chosen at random in a virtual raffle pull, with the cause with the most “likes” having the best chance of being selected



  • One Winner will be selected from the three finalists
  • The winner receives the $5,000 prize
  • Their logo/image and description will be featured on the Alaskan Cares site site until the next quarter’s winner is chosen